Tuesday, April 30, 2013


C2E2 is over, but my head is still steeped in the excitement. I can not stress enough what an incredible show it was. Aside from how smoothly and efficiently the show was run, the artists and fans which I met truly made the weekend something to remember. 

Inspiration and advice were freely passed around.

While I can not thank everyone that made the weekend special, I wanted to give some special shout outs, in no particular order:


Writers/other creatives:
Geek Chic (Robert and Brenda)
Tr!ckster (Anita Coulter)
Gary F. (for the fun photo you snapped above and sent my way)

Lastly, I want to give an especially big thank you to Amanda Palmer, the sun, and my colleague for all the help they provided to make the weekend easier and far far more enjoyable.

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