Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Illustration Friday: Teacher

Here is my drawing for this week's Illustration Friday. The Topic was: teacher.

There is still time to submit your drawing for this week.

I dare you.


  1. I could see the Gorey influence right away. That's a very tall fellow. Maybe the children have mistaken his legs for tree trunks. They look a slightly confused.

  2. I am glad the Gorey influence is evident. Though, I find it hard to stray far from him. I esteem few others higher than he.

    I like the idea of the man's legs being tree trunks. His pants do seem to be made of bark.

    (I love your creature in the Radio Flyer wagon, by the way! I hope this is a recurring character.)

  3. Thank you, Martin! I am glad you enjoy it.

    Your flying illustration is quite good, by the way.

  4. Yes...Gorey springs to mind :)
    Mr. Teacher looks a bit like Edgar Allen Poe...so the combination is a little ominous (which is, no doubt, indicative of how the little kids are feeling). So well done!

    1. Haha! I did not think about the teacher and Poe. This adds another level to the illustration for me.

      Yes, I am not sure who should be more afraid, the children or the teacher.

  5. Aaaah, love me some Gorey! This is really great, definitely has a bit of old world eeriness. Nicely done!