Thursday, June 28, 2012

Poetry Illustration

This is an illustration I was recently commissioned to do. It is an illustration for a beautiful poem about a grandmother dying peacefully in her chair, with a cup of hot chocolate steaming beside her.

I really love when I have the chance to do a large cross-hatched image like this. While it takes a great deal of time, I really enjoy the intricacy of trying to create as many textures as I can.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Chiseled Beard

This was a fun portrait drawing I did a little while back using ink and a wide chisel-tip brush.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Alumni Magazine Illustration

Last fall, a good friend of mine asked me to illustrate an article he was writing for his university's alumni magazine. Through some unexpected delays, the article was not published until just recently.

Above you can see how the illustration looks laid out on the magazine page; below is the illustration by itself. It is an odd sensation for me to look at this again, since it has been so long since I drew it. With fresh eyes it is hard not to want to correct a few things.

The article is actually quite good, and explores the realities of what work in the 21st century will look like. Here is a link to the full article if you are interested.

Vert Con 2012

This past weekend I had a last minute opportunity to show at small independent comic convention in Chicago. I had to scramble the night before to get everything ready, but it was worth it. I especially had fun making the cut-out characters from the books and sticking them on wires and little wooden bases.

While the attendance to the show was not huge, I still met a bunch of incredible folks. I had four of my books on display, and was really encouraged by everyone's reaction and questions.

Furthermore, as a result of this show, I think I will be sharing a table with a new friend at the Wizard World convention in August. This is a huge comic convention in Chicago that spans over four days. I would not have even thought I could have a chance at showing there, so I am extremely excited and grateful.


Thursday, June 21, 2012


This is an image I just submitted to "Cicada" (a poetry magazine). Their upcoming issue has been themed "Mystery," and they are requesting both illustration and poetry submissions. The deadline is June 30th, so you still have time to submit your own work here.

I wanted to try something a little different from my usual work. Looking at the end result, I am still trying to decide how I like it. Regardless, I learned a few things.

In the meantime, I will cross my fingers for the contest. 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dancing with a Bear

This is an illustration I recently was commissioned to do for an e-book of poetry.