Thursday, November 3, 2011

Lazy Artist

Last night I decided to do this quick sketch of my father. I was inspired by an illustration portrait I recently saw which used strong blacks for the face and then bright reds for the clothes.

I had drawn my dad's face and arms and was ready to add the red ink. Now, being the procrastinator that I am, I have not replaced my empty paper towel roll out in my studio. As such, I did not have anything to sufficiently wipe off my pen nib with. It was late at night (...early morning that is) and I did not feel like marching into the house to retrieve some more towels.

I resorted to lazy creativity and decided rather than using my pen nib, I would just load my ink dropper and "draw" with it while slightly squeezing the rubber bulb on the opposite end.

Rarely is such laziness rewarded as it was last night. Within about 20 seconds I had roughed in the shirt and immediately realized that the shirt was done. I had expected to do a lot more detail, but now knew that anything more would feel overworked.

"Hi, my name is Landis, and I am a lazy artist."

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