Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A George Lucas Picnic

I was in my studio today trying to think of something I felt like drawing. I decided to flip through my morgue files for inspiration and I came upon a black and white photo of a really young George Lucas. Perfect.

I started drawing with my fountain pen (one of my top ten favourite possessions) and was initially pleased with the empty contours I laid down. The further I got with the crosshatching, though, the more frustrated I became.

I could not quite contain my diasppointment and resorted to squirting ink onto the drawing with an eye dropper. Hmm...this was getting interesting.

When I had started the drawing, I had been looking forward to drawing George's checkered shirt (yes, I know its lame that I get excited about such things). However, as a result of my frustration I knew I was not going to mentally survive to the point of actually drawing the shirt. In full knowledge that I had already ruined the drawing, I decided to do the next best thing: use watercolor to lay in George's shirt pattern behind him.

Presto! Instant transformation from young George Lucas to the head of John the Baptist placed on a picnic table.


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