Monday, September 26, 2011

Charles Gibson Fail #2

This is my failed drawing attempt at copying the right half of Gibson's "Reading the Will" (see my post from a couple days ago to view my first failed drawing).

Gibson was absolutely spectacular at creating convincing dark fabric with his pen lines. If you look at the clothes of the figures in his drawing, you know exactly what kind of material they are made of as well as how they are folded on the figure's bodies. Yet, if you just glance at the drawing, you are convinced the clothes are "just black."

He is able to achieve this "informed black" by not simply making straight repeated strokes of his pen. Every single pen-stroke is an informed directional decision. Each decision by itself bears little value, but when stacked alongside numerous other decisions, suddenly movement and dimensionality is created.

There is so much to learn from Gibson, and I am certain you will see more of my failed drawings, attempting to grasp him.

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